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Drupal as decision making tool using discrete

Mario Pavlovic 9 years ago - 19:01

Smart CSS theming with Sass and Compass

Mihaela Jurković 9 years ago - 30:02

Linked data based semantic annotation using Drupal

Gabriel Dragomir 9 years ago - 46:51

Javascript Framework Jungle

Branislav Bujisic 9 years ago - 32:17

Drupal 8 plugin wonderland

Janez Urevc 9 years ago - 45:57

Display Suite: the future of your display

Bram Goffings 9 years ago - 25:35

Enterprise Drupal

Balázs Dianiska 9 years ago - 37:27

Documenting your project with

Kristof Van Tomme 9 years ago - 1:47:28

Configuration management in Drupal 8

Kristof De Jaeger
Gábor Hojtsy
9 years ago - 1:09:55

Performance analysis of Drupal sites

Áron Novák 9 years ago - 1:18:00

A Drupal honosítása

11 years ago - 27:50